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Catherine (CiCi) McInnis developed the Write Plate in 2001 and grew the business while raising three kids, doing some homeschooling, and developing more ideas. We have been filling orders through our online website, Etsy, Christmas expo shows in DFW and Houston, and were even featured on the QVC shopping network on TV. We even won a QVC product search contest and were the one product chosen to represent the state of Texas! The Write Plate became a popular tradition for growing families and an expanding customer base. Other products became successful as well. Family Treedition became the brand name for all the product lines such as the Write Plate, Tradition Tree, Tabletop Traditions, SurPRIZE Smiley, etc. Family Treedition continues to grow as it fills an increasing need in the Christian market by providing a product that is purposeful and helps busy parents in the pursuit to focus on faith and family through traditions within the home.

Mission Statement

To provide Christian families with lasting and meaningful, ready-to-go traditions that build faith and create memories for their children. We seek to offer the busy super moms, who are simply treading water, an avenue to feel fulfilled and look like Martha Stuart and the best of Pinterest without over-working and over-stressing. Family Treedition will bring timeless traditions to the home that establish roots, nurture families, encourage purposeful living, and honor the Lord.

Meet Mama Bird

I once threw this elaborate birthday party for my children. I put so much effort into constructing this lavish princess theme with many superfluous details. I was happy with my creation, but one of my daughters fell asleep in another room during the party! We appropriately dubbed her Sleeping Beauty. Later, I asked my kids if they remembered the party. Nope! They didn’t remember the decorations, they didn’t remember the food—nothing! But you should know the things they always do remember. They remember the people they spend time with, getting PJ’s every Christmas Eve, our holiday cookie making contests, jelly bean prayers, writing messages on the write plate to each other, and other frequent traditions that bring us closer to each other and the Lord. This is what matters! And what the children actually remember! I realized a greater mission—a true purpose—directing my path. The faith-filled traditions a family creates in the home became the focus of my purposeful pursuit. I love this journey I am on! The winds of creativity carry this Mama Bird to wonderous places, flitting from one inspiration to another, eager to build the family of God. Mama Bird invites you to plant some seeds to grow your own traditions and build your own nest of faith and joy!