Christ Is In

March 09, 2019

Christ Is In

CHRIST IS IN the new dreams, new hopes of a new year. Jesus revives the weary and restores the brokenhearted. He gives new breath and creative dreams for a new beginning.

CHRIST IS IN the melting, muddy snow and dreary, gray days. In the bleak, tiresome winter hours, He cozies up with us, and finally, when we can no longer stand the cold, we catch sight of a new sprout, a sunny daffodil heralding the start of spring.

CHRIST IS IN the hungry, gnawing pains of Lent. A season of letting go, simplifying our days to refocus and prepare space in our lives for King Jesus to reign.

CHRIST IS IN the celebratory feast of Easter. The kick-up-your-heals new life we celebrate with glad and joyful hearts. With voices together we proclaim, “He has risen!” and our hearts soar.

And, CHRIST IS IN the hot, 100 degree days of summer. Basking in the sun, heat melts away our anxieties—all that we have to do and all that we have left undone. We see sun-kissed children running, playing, laughing with little care, and we see the Father’s smile through the blue-sky days.

CHRIST IS IN the falling of leaves and changing of seasons. Through much toil, we tear up the ripe crops for harvest. And while we mourn the things that were, we find Christ catches each of our tears and gives us the strength to sit at the table beholding a harvest, full, rich, and worthy to celebrate. Even in the sadness of loss, we find beauty in the remembrance and joy in the harvest.

CHRIST IS IN a day of thanksgiving. Even with burnt turkeys and traffic, broken families and sick parents, we find grateful hearts are full hearts and strive to give thanks in all things. We then realize we are actually content. Peaceful and content.

For all these glimpses we are thankful, but most of all, we are thankful for CHRIST IN US.

And so it is, Christ is in all days, all years, all moments, and all things.  Christ is in this Advent day, in all our rushing to and fro, all our busyness, and all our holiday hurry, Christ is IN.