Encouraging Traditions

September 12, 2019

Encouraging Traditions

You’re the best! I’m proud of you! You can do it!  

Ahhh...encouraging words are music to our ears! Whether spoken to us or by us, they tend to fill everyone up!

Happy National Day of Encouragement!

God calls us to encourage one another daily, to build one another up in confidence and fill them with hope! Scripture tells us that encouragement is done with words, good deeds and acts of love.

 With encouraging words and acts of kindness we can:

  • Build confidence in young hearts
  • Support a persevering friend
  • Shine the light of hope to a struggling stranger

Encouraging others is a great tradition to pass along to your family and friends. Family Treedition has put together some Tradition Tips for encouraging family and friends...

Tradition Tip #1: Encourage the hearts of our children by leaving them notes.

  • Leave sticky notes in lunch boxes, on mirrors, and other places where family or even strangers will see them. You never know when a random encouraging word posted on a bathroom mirror in a public place will bring a much needed smile. 
  • The Write Plate® menu card is a great way to write an encouraging scripture to remind our children who they are in Christ. Placed by a bed or on a bathroom counter, it can be the first thing they see each day and the last thing they read at night.




Tradition Tip #2: Memorize who we are in Christ.

  • The most encouraging words of all are those spoken over us by our heavenly Father. Scriptures telling us who we are in Him to spur us on to live in the hope and confidence of His promises.
    • Use the Who I Am In Christ Devotion card set with your children as a memorization game. Review the cards daily and challenge them with simple rewards to recall from memory who they are in Christ.


Tradition Tip #3: Pray over family, friends and even strangers.

  • Pray over family, friends and even strangers. Start a list of people you want to purposefully pray for and see how God answers our prayers.
  • Encourage a tradition of praying for others with your family. The Prayer Angel can hold pictures of a person or family you want to pray for daily or weekly.
    • When placed in a prominent place in the home, it can be a regular reminder to say a prayer for those pictured each time they walk by it.
    • Placed on the family table, it can become a tradition to pray for those pictured each time the family sits together for a meal.


  • Extend the encouragement by letting those you are praying for know you are spurring them on. Prayer postcards mailed to those you are praying for can brighten the day of the recipient. Make it a tradition with your family to have each one sign the card before it’s mailed.


Encouragement is contagious. Once encouraged, you are inspired to build others up. So, on this national day of encouragement, let’s spur one another on to share uplifting words and engage in acts of kindness and good deeds.
So, what are you waiting for? Let the encouragement begin! You can do it!
Planting Seeds with you...
CiCi McInnis
Mama Bird


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