Valentine's Box

Get a Tradition Box filled with deliveries of love. Display the red envelope on your kitchen counter, table, hang on your wall or anywhere easily accessible to your family. With the included stationary, write notes to each other throughout the month to express your love and admiration. Display the pink heart magnetic topper on the envelope to decorate it for the season and throughout the year for special occasions.  Buy one for the family or one for each family member.  You can write a message of love each day on the topper or you can personalize it with their name by using the Write Marker.  Then simply wipe it off and write on it again.  Plan a special family dinner with the menu card and chef hat.  During the dinner, hand out the letters and read them as you spend quality time together building a family tradition. 

We should tell one another, “I love you,” more often. More importantly, we should live daily loving each other through finding much to admire. As you use this new tradition to nourish the bonds between you, your family members will look through the lens of lasting love and more selflessly see each other. We love this tradition and pray you will, too!

Tradition Box comes with:  Everything Envelope, Red Metal Card Holder, Small Display Stand, Red Chef Hat, Menu Card, Stationary, Envelopes and Pink Heart Hand-Painted Ceramic Magnetic Topper.

*Heart stickers not included*

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