Trick or Treat Christian Devotional Card Set

On SALE now!  What a complicated time of year it is during this busy season! We invite you to rely on the truth of God’s Word. The “Trick or Treat” Tradition Tree card set provides an opportunity for you to challenge how the world may trick us. Each Trick represents a lie from the enemy which we combat with the Treat of a powerful truth from Scripture. Share these with your friends and neighbors as we quest to treat the world to truth around Halloween. 

Tradition Tree card sets may be hung on your Family Treedition Tree or placed on our acrylic display stand. Place them in a central location in your home to encourage frequent reflection. These visual and spiritual reminders will create a memorable tradition to keep your family rooted in the teachings of Christ and leave lasting impressions on their hearts and minds. When the month is over, store your cards in the burlap envelope to use this tradition year after year.

Set includes 13 die-cut cardstock pumpkin cards plus 1 small acrylic stand to display the card set and burlap storage envelop.  Tradition Tree sold separately. If you will be using the devotionals with our Tradition Tree, be sure to add the Gold Ornament Hooks to your order as well.

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