About Family Treedition

 Meet Mama Bird | CiCi McInnis

I embraced my talents for creation in the efforts I put into raising and inspiring my growing children. However, I often overextended myself in the making of memories and experiences for my loved ones. After all these years, my children don’t remember the decorations or the many beautiful details. They remember the traditions. The things we did regularly built habits bringing us together to create memories. As I became more intentional with my efforts, I developed family traditions of purposeful parenting which brought us closer to each other and the Lord. I began selling The Write Plate as an every day tradition for those sharing my passion for detailed yet meaningful décor. I soon recognized a greater mission directing my path. I could assist so many who are stressed with busy lives to implement lasting traditions with ease. I expanded my company into the branches of Family Treedition. I am grateful for this mission and am eager to build the family of God.Mama Bird invites you to plant seeds and grow traditions to build your own nest of faith and joy!

Meet Busy Bird | Karrie Forbes

I was the busy, career mom constantly looking for ways to build faith and family in more efficient and effective ways.Working with Mattress Firm for twenty years, I started in sales and worked my way to Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer by addressing problems and running with solutions. After a decade of executive work, I decided to run with the most important solutions of all—faith and family. Even while the world still calls with many opportunities, I choose to follow the Lord’s call for me. Enjoying the passion of my entrepreneurial drive, I now use my skills and experience to invest in the path of callings and the future they promise. I believe I met CiCi through divine intervention and see massive potential in partnering with Family Treedition.
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