Building Easter Traditions

Decorate your home to celebrate the Easter Season

It's simple to dress up your Write Plate in style for Easter. Choose either the He is Risen or Hoppy Easter Kit. You can also choose to order multiple Write Plate kits for a discount with our Write Plate Packages.

Write Plate and 3, 6, or 12 Kit Packages

$125 - $250

Celebrate the resurrection through inspired devotionals with your family

Choose from either our Handmade Felt Ornaments or our Easter Story Devotional Card Set. Both can help you walk your family through a part of the story of Christ's life, death, and resurrection. You can also purchase our devotional book on its own.

For our felt ornaments, Family Treedition is proud to partner with craftswomen in Kyrgyzstan. This partnership has evolved into a Cottage Industry for the Kyrgyz women, allowing them to work in their homes and help provide for their families.

Celebrate Christ's love with a new Tradition

Spring into a new family tradition with our Tradition Box designed to focus on Christs love for us over the holiday with our beautiful glass jelly bean jar, jelly bean prayer, Brachs jelly beans in an adorable Easter Bunny canvas bag and our Easter Story Egg devotional that will help your family grow closer to his word this Easter. The book walks through Christ's life, death, and resurrection. 

Easter Story Tradition Box

Add a fun SurPRIZE to your family's Easter baskets 

Each SurPRIZE Smiley contains different color crepe paper streamers and eight assorted toys! Peel away the layers of your SurPRIZE Smiley to find 8 treasures hidden inside including a premium surPRIZE in the middle. Smiley is fun and entertainment for the full family to help watch and unravel. 

Surprize! Smiley Unravel Toy

Additional Write Plate Easter Accessories