Monthly faith-centered family activities 


A box with purpose, The Tradition Box™ delivers timeless traditions to your doorstep allowing busy families to connect. Each month, a new tradition arrives to incorporate into your home. Themed for holidays, celebrations, and everyday life, the Tradition Box offers the means to create lasting family memories.

  • A unique, high-quality product that serves as the main focus of a new tradition and can be used year-after-year

  • Multiple other items that bring to life the true meaning of the month with Christian values

  • Suggested experiences you can enjoy together as a family

  • Total Value of at least $60 in each Tradition Box


Subscribe for you monthly tradition box. You save more when you pay upfront! Order before the 23rd of the month to get the next month's Tradition Box.

Receive your Tradition Box to your doorstep before the month begins. Enjoy the surprise of that month's items and start creating a new tradition for all to participate in!

Celebrate your new family tradition to incorporate faith, family and fun into your home each month with meaningful purpose. Several of our featured items can be used throughout the year as well.


 If you sign up before June 23, your first tradition box will get you in the summer spirit with our popular Polka “Let’s Celebrate” Write Plate! This plate is perfect to write on, eat, decorate, and celebrate for all your summer celebrations. It also includes recipe cards of some our favorite summer treats to serve on your new plate. Plus, the July tradition box features our “Patriot Prayer” devotional cards just in time for 4th of July to celebrate this amazing country we are blessed to live in.



$45 / month

  • Recurring monthly 

  • Save $5 per month

  • Free shipping every month (Save $8)

  • Start and stop when you want

Semi-Annual Payment

$40 / month

  • One-time payment of $240 

  • Save $60

  • Free shipping every month (Save $48)

  • Receive 6 months of new family traditions

Annual Payment

$35 / month

  • One-time payment of $420 

  • Save $180

  • Free shipping every month (Save $96)

  • A new family tradition every month for a year


Wondering what to expect in your monthly Tradition Box? Each month will include a curated selection of our best products along with new items to bring to live the different activities and traditions. Each box will also include information on how to incorporate them into your life as we support your family's walk with the Lord.

Building prayer into everyday life

Our January Tradition Box focused on praying for family and friends each day to help start off the New Year right. The Prayer Angel makes a great centerpiece to display cards year-round!

Loving through our words

In February, we encouraged leaving each family member notes in our Everything Envelope then celebrating Valentine's Day at home with loved ones creating a new tradition together. 

L.U.C.K. takes on a different meaning

Leprechauns are fun, but we focus on real L.U.C.K. with devotionals that teach us how to Live Under Christ our King with an interactive game that may just have a pot of gold at the end.


What is the price for shipping Tradition Box subscription?

Shipping is FREE within the continental USA for 3, 6 and 12 month Tradition Box subscriptions.

How do I subscribe to the Tradition Box subscription?

You simply choose which Tradition Box package works the best for you, month to month, semi-annual (6 months) or annual (12 months) subscription. 

How do payments work with the subscription?

With the monthly option, your credit card will be billed every 30 days for the upcoming month then you will receive your product by the end of that month. You can start and stop whenever you would like. For the semi-annual option, you receive a discount for paying upfront for the products then they ship every other month for 6 months. For the annual option, you get the best pricing as you pay for the year at the time of purchase then you will receive the product by the end of each month for the following 12 months. Your subscription will automatically renew to your existing credit card at the end of your term unless you choose to opt out.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

We hate to see you go but yes, you can cancel you monthly to month subscription at any time with no cancellation fee by logging into your account and cancelling your subscription. If it is before the 17th of the month, you will not be charged, and that month’s subscription will not be shipped. If you cancel after the 17th of the month, you will be charged for that month and product will ship one final time then the cancellation of payment and product will take effect the next billing cycle. 

If you purchased the 6 or 12 month subscription, you may cancel the subscription at the end of the term you signed up for and paid for. Since these memberships offer a large discount, they are nonrefundable for the pre-paid plan amount. 

To prevent the next membership renewal, log into your account and cancel you membership at least 15 days before it expires.

What items can I expect in my Tradition Box?

Tradition Box: This subscription was designed for the busy family that wants to bring a meaningful experience to their home each month but doesn’t have the time to create, buy and implement it. We curate the best of the best items from our product line as well as some new and exciting items.  The Tradition Box typically revolves around the largest holiday each month, you will receive a high-quality product that serves as the main focus for the month. This item is typically meant to be placed on the kitchen area, coffee table or nightstand. Wherever people gather in your home to connect is where you will want to display it. Then you will receive other items in the Tradition Box that help bring to life the true meaning of holiday with Christian values and experiences you can enjoy together as a family. Many of the items you receive can also be used throughout the year and are all designed to use year after year then be handed down to the next generation to keep the traditions going.

What is the difference between a monthly, 6 month and 12 month membership?

If you join one of our subscription services, you have the option to choose to be billed monthly as a recurring charge or pay up front for the 6 or 12 month subscriptions. The main difference between these two types of subscriptions is below! 

Monthly recurring members are billed when you first purchase a subscription, and then again each month for the upcoming subscription to be sent. This occurs each month until the member logs into their account to cancel the membership as they have the option to stop the subscription at any point. 

6 or 12 month members are billed when they first purchase the subscription. The 6 or 12 month membership is a way receive a significant discounted by prepaying for the subscription then you will receive it every month for 6 to 12 months. No cancellation can occur during the time signed up for. The subscription will auto re-new the last month of the subscription originally signed up for or the member can log into their account to cancel it before the 17th of the final month.

Can I buy just one month?

Yes, you can sign up for the monthly subscription and if you decide to cancel before you are billed for the next shipment, you can simply cancel your subscription before the 17th of the month and there is no penalty or fee for cancellation!