Monthly devotionals that keep busy families rooted in His word


We branch into the home with interactive devotional cards through the Tradition Tree™. You can display them in a variety of ways, including on our hand-wrapped tree or on a small stand. Each month, you'll get new ways to connect your family to the Word and each other.

  • Devotionals and Bible verses on beautiful cardstock ornaments

  • Burlap storage envelope

  • Small acrylic stand


Subscribe to get your monthly devotional cards. Save more when you pay upfront. Order before the 23rd of each month to get the next month's devotionals

Receive your Tradition Tree envelope to your doorstep before the month begins. Enjoy quality time with your family as you further your faith with devotional cards that bring purpose into the home each month

Place your cards in a central location in your home to encourage frequent reflection and interaction. The devotional cards work great on the enclosed stand or on our Tradition Tree


Sign up now and your first set will be "Women of the Bible" devotional cards.

Need a May activity at Home this year? We've got you covered. Our Women of the Bible Devotional Card Set includes 13 cards highlighting significant Biblical women on one side with a scripture inspired attribute on the reverse. Use set throughout May to spark discussion and reflection on the strength and faithfulness of the selected women. Encourage family members to complete blank cards with a significant woman in their life and how she too is special. Let's hear it for the girls!



$18 / month

  • Save 10%

  • Free shipping (Save $5 per month)

  • Recurring monthly charge

  • Start and stop when you want

Semi-Annual Payment

$17 / month

  • One-time payment of $102 

  • Save 15%

  • Free shipping (Save $30)

  • Receive 6 months of devotional cards

Annual Payment

$15 / month

  • One-time payment of $180 

  • Save 25%

  • Free shipping (Save $60)

  • Receive 12 months of cards


Wondering what to expect in your monthly tradition tree box? You will receive a set of Devotional cards and small acrylic stand plus information on how to incorporate them into your life as we support your family's walk with the Lord.

Holy Hearts Card Set

With the “Holy Hearts” Tradition Tree card set, we invite you and your family to more fully embrace the love of your Heavenly Father. By seeing ourselves through our Father’s eyes, we will view this month in a new, everlasting light.

Living Under Christ the King

“Living Under Christ the King,” celebrates the true treasures we enjoy through our Lord and Savior.  Teach your children about seeking out God’s treasure in their daily lives. 

Easter Story Card Set

With our “Easter Story Eggs” Tradition Tree card set, we invite you to rejoice and be renewed because He is Risen! Every day, use a card to walk through the Easter Story.