One plate, year-round interchangeable messages of faith and love

What is The Write Plate®? 

No need to fill your cabinets with different holiday décor, the Write Plate is one plate that you can use year-round to create many different looks. Our Celebration Kits make it easy for you to get everything you need to personalize your Write Plate for any holiday, sport, or special event. The more kits you buy, the more money you save with our special package pricing. 


 Each Celebration Kit includes: 

  • 2 new themed ribbons

  • Write Words reusable cling 

  • A Write Plate Magnetic Topper

How it Works

Choose the number of Celebration Kits you'd like to order (3, 6 or 12) with your new Write Plate.  If you already have the Write Plate, select the bottom button for kits without the Write Plate.  

Select which Celebration Kits you want in your package.  We have 20 unique kits to choose from to celebrate the different holidays, sports and special occasions throughout the year. 

Receive your Write Plate Package and decorate your home with messages of faith and love throughout the year.  

3 Celebrations + Write Plate


  • Choose your 3 Celebration Kits

  • Save $15

  • Free shipping (Save an additional $15)

6 Celebrations + Write Plate


  • Choose your 6 Celebration Kits

  • Save $40

  • Free shipping (Save an additional $30)

12 Celebrations + FREE Write Plate


  • Choose your 12 Celebration Kits

  • Save $135

  • Includes FREE Write Plate

  • Free shipping (Save an additional $60)

Already have a Write Plate?


What is included with my Write Plate purchase?

You will receive a porcelain Write Plate pre-strung with a black and white houndstooth ribbon (excluding the plain and polka plate). The plate is packaged in a double corrugated gift box along with a Black Write Marker and idea sheet showing different ways to use the product.

Once I write on the Write Plate, can I wipe it off and change the message?

Yes! Write a message and change it whenever you choose! The Write Plate comes with a black Write Marker that is designed to write on the plate then simply wipe it back off. It writes dark and clearly yet can be wiped off completely with a damp or dry paper towel.

Can I use my own pens on the Write Plate?

You may use other dry-erase type pens on the Write Plate, however we can only guarantee the quality and Write Plate with the Write Plate Marker.  Other markers and pens may leave a ghost image.

Can I write a permanent message on my Write Plate?

Yes, you can personalize your plate by writing a message with permanent marker on our Write Plate. Or, sign the back of the Write Plate before gifting it to that special someone. Simply write or drawn on it with a permanent marker. If you make a mistake, don’t worry…. just use a little rubbing alcohol to erase your it and try again!

Can you write a message on my Write Plate or change the ribbon for me prior to shipping?

The Write Plate makes a wonderful gift and many people do personalize it with a message and different ribbon. We do not offer this service, but we try to make it easy for you with different ideas and instructions on how to customize our products when they arrive to your home.

Can I eat off the Write Plate after I have written a message on it?

We do not recommend eating off the Write Plate once a message is written on the serving surface. However, once you wipe off your writing and the surface is clean again, eat away!

Will you offer new toppers in the future?

We are always working on new toppers! Check out our latest line of 3D popper toppers launch-ing each holiday in 2019. Plus, check our store for updates, subscribe to our emails, and follow our social media channels for new product releases.

I’m having trouble attaching my topper. How can I get it to stay on my plate?

Our toppers utilize magnets to attach to your plate. When you purchase your topper, you will notice a magnet on the backside. There is also a “free floating” backer magnet included. Simply place the topper on the front side of your plate where you would like it attached. Then, place the backer magnet directly behind the topper on the backside of your plate and the topper should adhere on the majority of the plate. If it does not, simply reposition it a little before let-ting to go the front and back and try again. 

Please note the magnets used with our toppers are very strong. If the backer magnet is placed directly against the topper magnet, it could pull the topper magnet out of the topper. If this happens, super glue your magnet back in to repair it. Also, please do not store your backer magnet attached to the topper magnet when not in use on your plate.

Is the ribbon for the Write Plate interchangeable and what are the dimensions?

Yes, the ribbons are designed to be interchangeable and used throughout the year for the Square and Round Write Plate with the scalloped edging. Each plate ribbon is 2 yards long and 1.5 inches wide. We offer many fun packs to accent your plate/platter so mix and match away. You can use one or two ribbons at a time to create your perfect look.

How do the Write Words Reusable Clings work?

Simply detach the cling from the backing and gently lay it on your Square Write Plate. There is no need to apply pressure as this can cause air pockets in the cling. Should you need to clean the cling, gently wipe it with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Once you are ready to remove your cling, simply peel it off the plate. Place it on the backing page and into the plastic storage envelope then store it flat for safe keeping.

What color is the Iron Plate Stand featured on your website?

The Write Plate stand is made of wrought iron and is black/brown with an antique finish. When using the Iron Stand with your Write Plate, please be careful attaching the magnet directly to the plate to ensure it does not catch on the iron of the stand.

My topper doesn’t look exactly like the one on the website. Why?

Our toppers and poppers are hand-painted and like the hands that make them, each piece will vary, that’s what makes yours special. Variances in color as well as imperfections are not to be considered defects in our craftsmanship. These differences are what make them unique and makes us love them even more.