Birthday Vanilla Cupcake "Let's Celebrate" Kit: 3D Popper, Cling and 2-Ribbon Pack

ALL NEW!  Check out our 3D Birthday Cupcake Popper Magnetic Topper Kit!

We have made it simple to dress up your Write Plate in style with this adorable 3D vanilla cupcake for every Birthday celebration throughout the year with the "Let's Celebrate" kit. This set comes with everything you need to customize and personalize your Write Plate: a 3D White Cupcake hand painted ceramic popper topper, a "Let's Celebrate" Write Words reusable cling and a 2-ribbon color coordinating pack for the 12" Square Write Plate.

Use this to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions all year long. Use the Write Marker to personalize the plate or topper, then simply write on, wipe off, repeat!  

Want to customize your Write Plate all year long by mixing and matching our toppers, clings and ribbons?  Sign up for our 3 or 6 Celebration Kit package then simply select your favorite kits.  You will save money and get FREE shipping.  Sign up for our 12 Celebration Kit package and you will save even more, get Free shipping and a FREE WRITE PLATE for a total savings of $150!

Don't have the Square Write Plate or Write Marker yet, add them to your cart now (Plate and Marker are not included in this kit). Love our items and want to interchange them with other great products?  The 2-Ribbon Pack can also be used with the 13" Round Write Plate.  The Cling can be used on the Square Plain and Polka Plate, however is not recommended for the Round Write Plate due to the square design.  The magnetic topper is interchangeable with Write On Collection items and the Everything Envelope.

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