Easter Story Felt Egg Ornaments and Christian Devotional Book

The Easter Story Eggs is a wonderful way to celebrate the resurrection and begin a lifelong tradition with your family. Family Treedition is proud to partner with craftswomen in Kyrgyzstan to make these unique handmade ornaments of Kyrgyz wool felt. Each egg walks you through a part of the story of Christ's life, death, and resurrection, while at the same time highlighting one of His many attributes. Adding an element of surprise, each egg includes a pocket on the back allowing a scripture, candy or a corresponding symbol to be tucked inside as a tangible reminder and teaching tool.

The Easter Story Eggs Devotional Book is your time to bring your family together to discover and pray through the Savior's story. The words and wisdom of our 12 gifted authors shed fresh light and insight into the beautiful Gospel story.

This partnership has evolved into a Cottage Industry for the Kyrgyz women, allowing them to work in their homes and help provide for their families. Set of 12, handmade, felt ornaments plus the Easter Story Christian soft-sided devotional book is included in a burlap bag. These ornaments are beautiful when displayed on the Tradition Tree or hang them around your home as decoration during Easter.  Tradition Tree sold separately.  Quantities are limited each year.

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